My third Members’ Council meeting

The Friday Training One part of the Members’ Council’s role is to hold the Board of the Co-op to account for performance against its strategic goals. To do that job, the Members’ Council needs to be clear on the difference between operational questions and strategic questions. The first training session on the Friday was about… Continue reading My third Members’ Council meeting

What are members’ meetings about?

The purpose of the members’ events These members’ events are about the community and the Co-op’s role in relation to it. They are certainly an opportunity to ask questions about the Co-op as a business, but that is not really the focus. Some of the event I attended was about how the Co-op is helping communities at the… Continue reading What are members’ meetings about?

Elections and the Members’ Council meeting

Choosing the President, Vice-President and Senate The President of the Members’ Council, Nick Crofts, was easily re-elected with no-one choosing to stand against him. His victory before the other elections was welcome for two reasons: not only has he proven that he is rather good at the job, but it also meant less speeches! The Vice-President… Continue reading Elections and the Members’ Council meeting

Induction to the Co-op National Members Council

What is induction Induction is the introduction to the Members’ Council that all newly elected Council Members get. It’s this basic training which explains how the Council’s systems work and how the Council works with the rest of the business. The induction process also helps people who are fairly new to co-operation to understand this… Continue reading Induction to the Co-op National Members Council