What a Co-op Member Pioneer does

The following examples are real events that I learned about on Twitter. The #MemberPioneer hashtag is a good starting point if you want to learn more.

In their communities
Member Pioneers want to strengthen their communities, so they talk to good causes in their area to see how they can help. They may already know or are getting to know charities in their areas and helping them to apply for the community fund. Knowing these charities means that they can offer support such as Co-op raffle prizes to a local school for their summer fete or just simple practical support. Member Pioneers can also pitch-in when a homelessness charity in the North West needs help with their coffee morning.

Getting to know people
Member Pioneers are getting out into communities, telling school children about the importance of Fairtrade. They are helping people with health issues and restoring pride to their communities by litter picking. They are helping to start community gardens and arranging stalls at local events.

Telling the community what’s happening
In person and online, Member Pioneers are letting their community know where the local events are. When they are not letting people know about the coffee mornings they arranged, or encouraging people to join the Co-op, they are spreading the word about other events happening in their community.

You could get to know your community too
If you can do a few hours each week, you like being around people and you are good at encouraging people to take part in things, then this role could be for you. It also helps to be good at listening and to enjoy making things happen: https://memberpioneer.coop.co.uk/

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