How did I get here!

I was once like you! And I still am actually. A member of the Members’ Council is someone who signed-up for their Membership card, shops with The Co-op regularly, decided to stand for election and got elected by other members.

Why stand for election?
Being on the Members’ Council means that you get to influence what this co-op does. You can ask the Board why they are doing what they are doing and you can learn what the business is up to. It also means that you can see how the Co-op is behaving ethically and work with other elected Members to get more ethical ways of working in place. There are other parts to this role, but influencing strategy and making sure that the business leads retail on values and ethics are the more exciting ones.

How the Council represents members
We’re working on this and trying to get better, hopefully lots of people will reply to this blog and I’ll be able to share your views with my fellow Council members.

What I do on the Members’ Council
To learn that you’ll need to read this blog!